Clonal Blood Disorders

Trial overview

Clonal Blood Cell Disorders. To elucidate the molecular mechanisms that cause blood cancers. We hope to understand aspects of normal and leukaemic stem cell biology that affect the clinical outcome for patients suffering from blood cell cancers. Blood cell disorders include: leukaemia, myeloproliferative disorders (MPD), myeloma and lymphoma.

Inclusion criteria

Patients will be invited by their haematology consultants to donate surplus samples of blood bone marrow, blood or other tissue obtained as part of their standard clinical care for this research project. In addition buccal smears and hair samples will be requested. The blood, bone marrow and other tissue samples will be processed so that blood cells, nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) and protein can be extracted.

Contact details

Principal Investigator

Prof. David Bowen

Tel 0113 2068481


Research Nurse

Catherine Levy

Tel 0113 2068577



leukaemia myeloma clonal blood cell disorders blood cancers leukaemic stem cell biology myeloproliferative disorders